Sesame Oil - Wooden Pressed Oil (1 Ltr)

மரச்செக்கு நல்லெண்ணெய் – Natural Wood Pressed Sesame Oil (1 Ltr)


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About Wooden Cold Pressed Gingelly Oil / Marachekku Sesame Oil

Wooden Cold pressed Sesame Oil is also called Gingelly Oil which is considered to be the most healthiest oil in the southern parts of India. The nature of the Sesame oil is “SATVIC” which means being “PURE“. This Wooden cold pressed Sesame Oil is extensively used in South Indian cooking for more than thousands of years. Sesame seeds were one of the first crops processed for oil as well as one of the earliest condiments. The word “ENNAI” that means “OIL” in tamil (மரச்செக்கு நல்லெண்ணெய்) has its roots in the ancient tamil word “EL” and “NEI” which mean Sesame Seeds and Fat.

A research done in various foreign countries has shown that a diet rich in sesamin has a natural phytoestrogen found in sesame oil which reduces the risk of “Renel Hypertension” and “Cardiac Disease“. Wooden Cold Pressed Sesame Oil is rich in “OLEIC acid“, which is the major constituent of olive oil. Sesame oil is an aid to digestion, stimulates blood circulation which benefits the nervous system and has natural antioxidants present in it.

100% Wooden Cold Pressed / Marachekku Sesame / Gingelly Oil from Minaliya Goods

Benefits of Wooden Cold Pressed / Marachekku Gingelly / Sesame Oil

Sesame Seeds or Sesame OIL

Sesame Seeds or Sesame OIL deserves to be highly honoured as an affordable food as it deeply nourishes body in many aspects. They worth their weight in gold during the middle ages for many good reasons. No doubt Sesame Oil is the pride of South Indian and it is a gracious gift from our ancestors.
Wooden Cold Pressed Gingelly Oil / Marachekku Sesame Oil

Advantages of Pure & Natural Gingelly / Sesame Oil

  • The "MAGNESIUM" in sesame seeds helps to prevent respiratory problems by getting rid of asthma and airway disorders. Also the magnesium present in these seeds helps to reduce high blood pressure and prevents diabetes.
  • A handful of sesame seeds contains more "CALCIUM" than a glass of milk. This encourages bone health and prevents osteoporosis.
  • Wooden Cold Pressed Sesame oil helps to prevent you from alcohol's impact on your liver and helps you to maintain a healthy liver function.
  • The high "COPPER" content in sesame seeds prevent and relieves arthritis and strengthens bones, joints and blood vessels.
  • "SESAMOL" in sesame seeds and sesame oil has been shown to protect against DNA damage caused by radiation.
  • Anemia and weakness can be cured with sesame oil used in cooking as they are rich in "IRON".
  • Wooden Cold Pressed Sesame Oil have the highest "PHYTOSTEROL" content of all the other seeds and nuts including the "PHYTIC ACID and MAGNESIUM" which contributes to the anti-cancer compounds.
  • Regular use of Natural Sesame Oil can reduce skin cancer because the high "ZINC" content helps to produce collagen which gives skin more elasticity and helps in repairing the damaged body tissues.
  • The high "FIBER" content in sesame seeds helps the intestines to digest completely and prevents constipation.
  • Wooden Cold Pressed / Marachekku Sesame Oil is used for Oil pulling, which is considered to be good for an oral health to reduce dental plague, whiten your teeth and boost overall health.
  • Wooden Cold Pressed Sesame Oil contains a good number of nutrients which are needed for a healthy scalp and hair. When it is applied in the head and massaged the blood circulation is perfect and this helps for a healthy hair growth.

1 litre


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